fear & loathing in the lounge

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  • http://allowe.com/download/audio/mp3/LarryThemeWithAlLoweByJanZottmann.mp3

    If we’re going to have a lounge lizard thread… we need an appropriate (or innappropriate) soundtrack. Those of you who get the joke… will know. :)

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    presidential lounging@@@@


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    Lounge Lizard computer being upgraded to a 3D Workstation. It is in WIP stage until I can get in tonight and finish up the computer. I’ll be pretty busy working on some personal projects, but I don’t mind showing people a couple of the programs I use.

    PLEASE DO NOT HACK THIS COMPUTER – some parts will go to my arcade cabinet once I’m further along with that project.



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    @derpko I have a Quadro 2000 Coming in the mail, would you like it for this pc?

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    @ColeVanD I replied in your other thread, but ya for sure it would probably be a decent improvement in cuda cores. Send me a message to let me know when you’ll be dropping in.

    On another note with the 6790 installed, sitting at 3.2 from the cpu with 8GB of ram the machine seems to run Zbrush 4R7, Maya 2017 and Unreal engine decently. Can’t go too high in subdivisions/polycount or else the viewports get choppy. but with hiding certain meshes while working on others seems to hold up for most parts.

    Other than a few features being disabled because of having the OpenGL capabilities it’s working like it should with the parts that are in there.

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    @derpko 0_1487961330952_Screenshot_20170224-103453.png

    Looks like my Card will infact be slower for that task.

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    I was thinking the K2000, which is just slightly better than the 6790 as far as rendering

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    This post is deleted!

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    Lounge Lizard 2.0 back up after hdd corruption - now with Q8300 series quad core cpu & radeon HD 6970. Still need to tweak a few things to get the most performance out of it, but for most parts everything is there now and up and running. Feel free to you use, please ask if you want to part something out of it as I will be using it to work on some stuff.


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    Found my SSD in my deceased macbook pro, cloned the disk last night. Just need to set up the secondary 500GB as a scratch disk and put new thermal paste on the gpu as it shoots up to 93C in about 8 seconds when using Furmark to stress test it.

    It seems to do fine in-game, getting 40-50 fps in rocket league with no horrible temps. Should be a really decent machine once im done with those 2 things.

    Please do not hack or part out this desktop before asking me as I will be using it for working on commissions once everything is setup properly and the system is stable.

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    @derpko 0_0 93C ! It should never ever hit that. I will bring my thermal paste and try it out.

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    Darren’s hooking me up with some AS5 should do the trick, you still have some of that thermal pad/strips? @ColeVanD

  • @derpko That’s Arctic Silver 5 just to be clear. Haha. Don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea here. Phrasing!

  • LOUNGE LIZARD 3D Workstation completed and ready for use!!

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    @Lounge-Lizard Did you aquire thermal pads?

  • @n0pe we are not judging

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