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  • I have a sand blast cabinet that i would be willing to donate to the space if you want it. Not sure what you have for an air compressor but it would require a fairly substanstial unit to run it properly. The glass was broken but i have a replacement piece for it. If the space cant use it i would happily sell it to a member at a good price $80 works for me. Its basically brand new and i have some sand that may be questionable as its been in a couple of unsealed buckets for a few years. May be damp but otherwise it should be fine.


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  • Heh. I just started shopping for sand blasting equipment yesterday. What does it need to make it go? I have a siphon feed gun that sucks, but was thinking of getting or making a gravity feed pressurized rig. I have the deadman gun for one of those, but no pressure tank for it. I’m also trying to figure out what to get for a compressor. There are several pumps available cheaply in town, I have motors… Tanks that have not rusted out are harder to find.

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    @Bishop, I think that this would be a great asset for the space. I am in favour of accepting this donation. I think we could probably clear out those drums that are sitting next to the door in the fab shop and it could live there perhaps?

  • You need a good sized compressor to keep up, and an air dryer helps a lot. The sand tends to clump up otherwise. We use glass bead rather than sand. It’s less aggressive, but it gives you more control over the final finish.


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    @BrianB, I have heard that walnut shells are also a very popular blasting media these days. One would think that they would also avoid the moisture issues.

  • To be honest I have never run it but from what I can tell it needs nothing other than an air compressor. When i bought it I was planning to put it into a seperate spot away from my machine tools but thats not going to happen for a few more years now and its just taking up valuable shop space. If the space decides they can make use of it i will drop it off otherwise i will post it on kijijji for sale. Its one of those nice to have but not exactly essential tools.

  • Walnut absorbs moisture and clumps badly… They use it to fill litterboxes for lizards and animals with respiratory problems.

    Looks like the girlfriend now has her heart set on me getting a soda blaster… You can strip paint off wood or antiques without damaging the surface with it. Life is rough I tell you. :)

  • If you sell , pm me.

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    I support this capability upgrade, but where is it going to go? Fab Shop, I guess, but where exactly? Might be time for a re-do on the Fab Shop floorplan.
    Thanks, @Bishop!

  • The tiny compressors we have at the space really won’t make it work at all, they don’t move enough SCFM to run a blaster for more than about 5 seconds out of every 10 minutes. We have a tank for a full-sized unit, but need a motor and pump. I’ve seen little 2hp rigs on Kijji recently, but nothing much bigger.

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    Lets get that huge tank running and wired in - even if only the fab shop and wood shop have the live airlines, we can go from there. Design Lab likes air for airbrushing, but its PSI is way below the general use levels (60-100 PSI)

    On further thought, the sandblast cab should be near the spray booth, with ventilated dust-extraction near-by.

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    Know what? Installing compressed air AND air extraction is the same job, isn’t it? The main compressor and dust extraction catchers should be in the same spot, right?

  • Our original booth was very similar to the one in the photo. We did a couple of things to improve it:

    1. It’s amazing how the abrasive media finds its way out of the cabinet. We spent considerable time caulking every seam and joint.
    2. On our booth the exhaust vent was a joke. I cut a hole in the cabinet and used some ABS plumbing fittings and sheet to fab a housing for an automotive air filter. It still needed periodic cleaning.
    3. We still used a full face respirator; glass bead isn’t nice in your eyes.


  • We have the compressor tank but no motor or compressor. We’ve talked about it a few times but the pump hasn’t materialized and people keep threatening to find a 3 phase motor for it. Since the compressors are usually belt driven there is no reason to keep a 3 phase motor if it comes with one.

    An extraction system is a separate matter. It moves high volumes of are at low pressure where a compressor drives low volumes of air at high pressure. Trying to tie the two systems together wouldn’t work.

  • Hey folks, I am going to assume that the space could use a sand blast cabinet in the future but you’re not setup to make use of it for the time being?


  • I regretfully concur. Thank you for the offer but we just aren’t in a position to make use of it right now.

  • No problem, they aren’t a real high cost item as long as you have a capable compressor so when you get that sorted out you can look for another unit, they come up online more that you would think.

    Cheers everyone, there is a member who is willing to buy it so I will send him a message.


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