Sewing 101 - Introduction to Basic Sewing Techniques and Safety

  • Thursday March 16th, 2017
    FREE for Makerspace Members, $40 for non-Members
    LIMIT of 6

    This workshop will be focusing on introducing attendees to the basic sewing skills, tools and techniques needed to understand how to construct a project from start to finish. We will focus on hand stitching techniques and learn some basic embroidery to construct a useful tool for your future endeavours: a pin cushion!

    There is only room for 6 attendees, but this is only the first in a series of planned sewing, needlecraft, and crochet/knitting workshops from the Craftorium.

  • Megan would this be appropriate for a person learning how to hand-piece quilts? I am fairly proficient at sewing (machine), both clothes and crafts, and have done some machine quilting. I’m just about to embark on learning to hand-piece…

  • Director

    @EarthshipSandra The aim of this particular workshop is on very basic introductory knowledge for those just wanting to learn to sew. There will be more advanced workshops coming up. I envision this workshop as something akin to high school home-economics, and we will be making a simple pin cushion with some embroidery. I have had several people ask about these types of classes. I personally do not have a lot of knowledge about quilting, and is a skill I myself would like to learn. We are hoping to build the Craftorium and supporting membership so that other members can begin to host workshops in areas they are skilled in. My area of expertise is mostly in costuming and prop construction. If this is something you are interested in doing, please let me know!

  • Hand sewing safety?

  • Iam interested in registering!

  • Design Lab

    I’d love to make a pin cushion, actually! Im in, but let newer people go first if space is an issue.

  • @megan.fenkhuber Thanks, I have been youtubing a bunch the last few days and as I have most of the materials and equipment I need to start I will just give my hand piecing a whirl. I’m quite proficient on a sewing machine and have (in the past) a fair bit of experience sewing clothing (although not much in the last 20 years). If Chris and the kids make it to hack night anytime soon I will bring my hand piecing and hang out with the sewers or whatever! Custuming sounds amazing…our eldest daughter is in acting school in Vancouver…that’s probably something she’d get a kick out of…at least watching it!

  • @megan.fenkhuber yup I’ll be there

  • Design Lab

    I posted a facebook ad for this - please check it for veracity. @megan-fenkhuber

    And I am definitely in for this - pin cushion, here I come!

  • Megan, We met Wednesday night. I’m Lawrence.

    I’m not sure how many sewing machines you need for this class, or how many you already have up and running.

    Just wanted to let you know that I have two working sewing machines that you could use for your class if you need them. One is in very good condition (my usual machine until I recently upgraded) and does not really need anything. It does zig zag, but nothing too fancy. The other one came to me a bit water damaged. I got it working, but it is not too smooth. That one just does straight stitching.

    Both of these are available for donation if there is any interest in having more available at makerspace, or if someone, inspired by your course, wants to take one home.

    Also, depending on how long you would need it, I may be willing to lend you my primary machine (so a third one) for the purpose of teaching the class. Just so you would have enough.

  • Design Lab

    I made a killer pin-cushion. Thanks, @megan-fenkhuber !!!