Career Profiles and Projects

  • Hello again!

    My school has recently come into some additional funding to bring people to our school and have them talk with the students (Grades 5 to 12 as the target) about jobs/trades/careers. Could be about what you do, what training was needed, how long the training takes, what salary you can make, ect. It also helps to let interested students know what kinds of high school courses they need as prerequisites for the job they are interested in. Depending on what you might do, it would be really awesome to include a little demo or project to do with the students. We can pay for the time & travel and for supplies needed for a demo or small project.

    For example, last year, a artist from Calgary came out to our school. He spoke to the students about all aspects of his job, both professional work and hobby work. He had them practice making portfolios of their work and explained how to apply to Fine Art schools and galleries. The next day, he worked with students to create a mural in their gym. We also had a lady out who owned her own beauty salon. She spoke about all the ups and downs she experienced in getting her own business off the ground. Then, she taught the kids some cool nail art techniques. So anything is possible :)

    If you are interested or if you know anyone who is interested, please send me an email:

    Thanks again!

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