Building Maintenance, Cleaning, Project Schedules - Brainstorm

  • Hey guys, I have just whipped together a few calendars on Google Calendars.

    After our discussion this evening with @Bradley-Maker @megan-fenkhuber @pierre @Ashley(not sure of your forum name, Ashley) we thought it would be great to get a few calendars together that will keep us on track for the following 3 areas:

    Maintenance and Yearly Tasks:

    This calendar is for recurring events that we know we will need to get done or need to start planning on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly or other regular interval. Things like boiler service, window wrapping, saw blade sharpening, snow blower service, etc.


    Pretty self-explanatory. Let’s get a bit of a schedule going that lets us know when we’re due for laser cutter clean out, combustible dust cleanup, floor buffing/waxing, and even the dreaded washroom wipe down.

    Building Projects:

    This calendar is for one-time building upgrades or projects we have around the space.

    So here’s the thing. We need your help getting these things filled out. Did you do something last year in preparation for Winter that is going to save us money again this Fall? Is there some nook or cranny around the space that you clean regularly and we don’t want to forget about it if you go on vacation? Do we want to nail down a timeline to install the plumbing for an outdoor compressor? Please add it to the appropriate calendar. It’ll help us keep things on track and may even ensure we have the hands on deck we need when we are doing a project around the space.

    Please PM myself or one of the people listed above with your email address so we can add you to the calendar. The more people we have using it, the more effective it’ll be!

    Let’s use this thread to brainstorm or throw ideas out that will help make the calendars effective. Feel free to add anything I’m missing! There is a wealth of knowledge some members have on specific tools in regards to maintenance and cleaning schedules. We want to get them on the calendars so we’re keeping on top of it.

    One last note: These calendars have been made public. If there are any projects that contain potentially sensitive information or could otherwise compromise the integrity of the space, let’s make sure we’re keeping it off of them.

  • The last Monday of every month for changing the laser cutter filter. It needs new activated carbon as well.

  • @Grant-Fraser Excellent. I’ve added it as a preventative maintenance item on the last Monday of every month. I’ve also added you to the calendars so things can be added as they come up!

  • Founder

    @n0pe thanks! This is great. I’ve been sick all week so I’m still getting the output from the meeting last week organized, but that will be passed along soon. Once I have that I’ll go through it and the calendars in depth and line them up.

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    Grrrr for some reason I cant add stuff to the yearly - can someone add me to the calendar share ?

    thin q !

  • @Vaughn Which one doesn’t work? I have you marked as full permissions for all 3! I can remove you and re-add you and we can see if that will work.

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