Do we have a pocket hole/kreg jig at the space?

  • I’m looking for a Kreg jig for 1.5 and bigger wood. Do we have one at the space?


  • I have not seen one. It was on my list of things to eventually fabricate or acquire until I read this article:

    Now I want a panto-router so I can make easy mortise and tenon joints. Because furniture that loosens up all the time is annoying.

  • I have a bunch of Kreg stuff I’d be happy to loan out, but you’d have to come and pick it up from Blind Bay (about an hour drive from Kamloops).

  • I was thinking: If only we had a laser cutter, we could probably make a jig!

    And youtube delivered.

    Immediately followed by a better video on how to do one that does not need the expensive step-bits:

    If you like @Torren , post the specs for the wood and screws you want to do and I’ll draw up and bang out a jig out of scrap material this weekend.

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    I have both a samona pocket hole jig that I entirely forgot about. I used it once and came to understand that I just don’t like pocket hole jigs. If I’m ever in a position to want one, its on something that I’m just hacking together, and at that point, I’ll just freehand it. I’ll put it in the truck and bring it to the woodshop, I’ll be by at some point this weekend dropping off some material, and working on the back door strike.

    I also have Mathias Wandell’s plans for a panto-router, and its on my spring todo list to get that made, and get a good router for it. But it is a little ways down the todo list.

    But I’d love to get some folks together and build that sometime soon. Feel free to kick me in the ass and move it up my list…

  • @Bradley-Maker I’d love to see those plans… I’m interested in adapting them to use as many laser-cut components as possible.

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    @pierre I’ll dig it up…I can’t find it on either laptop or the backup, which is strange. I had a USB stick of backups die and I hope it wasn’t only on that.

    But that’s inconsequential. Once the search is exhausted, if I haven’t found it, I have no problem supporting Mathias and paying up again.

    So we’ll sit down with that soon…

    I didn’t make it in today, so I’ll be around tomorrow night, and I’ll drop off the pocket hole jig.

  • Awesome, thanks everyone!

    For now, I just want to play. I’m building some 2x4 shelves in my garage and figured that would be an ideal place to practice/experiment with the jigs. Otherwise it’s totally unnecessary for the task at hand.


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