Looking for Help with Home Renos

  • Hello yet again!

    I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in a small home-reno-ish job. My upstairs bathroom used to have a bathroom fan, but it was yanked out. Strata said it used to be vented into the attic, so it would need to be vented to the outside. In the second bathroom, there is no vent/fan at all. Basically, I need two fans installed.

    I also have an overhead fan in my kitchen that stopped working (the little chain you pull to turn the lights on and off stopped clicking when you pull it). I’m only home weekends and evenings. I can pay cash or electronic transfer. Anyone want the job? :)

    Edit: My house is in Kamloops - North Shore (Valhalla Drive).

    Thanks :)

  • Should have probably mentioned that this work is on the North Shore, not out past the end of all pavement, near the city of Krull at the Rim of the Disc…

  • @pierre looool yeah. oups

  • @BlakeWolter I’m willimg to have a look. I’ve installed a few bath fans.

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