Quadro 2000 1 GB Graphics Card

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    In the coming weeks I will be picking this computer up and taking the quadro 2000 out (Unless something breaks horrendously) and donating it to the Space, It is hopefully going to be used For the 3D printer and design but I dont know :P


  • @ColeVanD This might do very well in the CNC milling machine computer.

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    Take the one I made in the lounge for the CNC if this is possibly a 3D workstation. This is much more capable than the one I put together for the lounge to work on my 3D sculpting/modeling and game engine dev.

    The one in the lounge is running at 3.2 dual core, 8GB with a 6790 radeon 2gb. So I assume this machine is probably quite a bit more capable. I have all the software and windows installed on the lounge lizard computer so we could just swap the drive.

    It’s up to you @ColeVanD, but I will definitely break in this computer with my 3D work if that’s what you want! Keep me updated I am very interested in stress testing this machine to see what it is able to handle as far as 3D / VFX particles.

  • @derpko Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick.


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    @derpko Break you say? Unless its being over volted it should be fine.

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    I will make it suffer with hours of rendering! >:)

  • CNC usually has no benefit from fancy graphics cards. And usually the drivers for them are for gaming, which means they make the timing on the ports that talk to the machine tools less reliable. There are reasons I’m driving the 3d-printer from a raspberry pi and an arduino.

    If you are doing your 3d modelling on the machine that runs the Mill, then you are doing something wrong. The CNC computer just needs to read G-Code, and tell the motors what to do, with dead repeatable results.

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    @derpko Its made for that, Help me replace the thermal pads and go at it.

  • LinuxCNC has a cool feature for generating gcode from a grayscale depth image. The only reason I would upgrade the graphics card for 3020 would be to be able to run that feature faster. Last time I ran it, it took a good 20min to process the image. I have a demo of the 3D carving on the window sill behine 3020. This feature can be used for 3D carving for some art project for example, if precision is not super important.

    Otherwise, I agree with @pierre in most other cases I have never ran into a case when the computer running CNC machine needed to use graphics processing.

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    The core requirement at first here is for young students to be able to make a simple shape in something as simple as Tinkercad and 3D print it, every time. I realize youse boys have capes waaaay beyond that, and I dont mean to bore you, but please keep in mind that we can buy any 3D printer we want once this simple, reliable capability is realized - think of it like a scaffolding: we need a sturdy and reliable base to build on.

    Thanks again for your time on this - it is a core capability that is just expected of the Kamloops Makerspace.

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    It is here :D

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