Wireless internet buggy?

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    I have been experiencing quite slow speeds from the wireless connection at the space these last few days. Speedtest clears out fine. 30MB files taking at least 45 minutes for some reason. I thought it might just be the wireless adapter I brought but it seems others are having this issue as well.

    Let me know if im crazy, thanks!

  • Is this from the lounge lizard computer? I noticed the other day Internet on that machine was super slow. On other machine, it seemed ok. What kind of wireless device is it using?

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    Wireless adapter, I’ll check the drivers tonight. I think it needs tweaking for Windows 10 as it wasn’t released for it.

  • You have a long range antenna like 20 feet from the signal source. Likely have to turn the gain way down to not be drowning out the whole wifi band.

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    Right I didn’t think of that I’ll get the ralink software booted on the PC tonight and try it out

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