Robot Arm Workshop Success Story

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    First One Day Robot Arm Workshop: Big Success!

    Last Saturday we hosted the robot arm workshop for 8 students from school district 74 (Clinton BC). It was a compact one day build. The students were at makerspace from 10am until 4pm. I gave one kit per student. Most students were completely engaged with the project and 6 of them finished their robot arm.

    I just want to quickly thank everyone who helped me run this workshop:

    • Thank you to @Stephen @helen and @Chris (The Newton family) for showing up early morning, helping with set up and hanging around all day helping students with their build and testing the robots. You are awesome!
    • Thanks to @n0pe @kile for showing up to workshop and helping with builds and running the laser
    • Thank you to @Ron_Ron for helping me put the kits together on the weeks before the workshop
    • Thank you to anyone else who dropped by during the workshop to help out and generally gave us support and encouragement

    I will write another post (in the fireside chat) about the logistics of organizing this workshop, so any makerspace member can organize this one day workshop. I will spend any money from this workshop, to buy more parts to make the MeArm kits and stock them at makerspace. I hope that we continue to offer this and many other cool workshops at makerspace in future!


    ps: here are some more pictures from the workshop:

    11_1487965016399_robotics_workshop_006.png 10_1487965016399_robotics_workshop_005.png 9_1487965016399_robotics_workshop_004.png 8_1487965016399_robotics_workshop_003.png 7_1487965016399_robotics_workshop_002.png 6_1487965016399_robotics_workshop_001.png 5_1487965016399_robotics_workshop_000.png
    3_1487965243210_robotics_workshop_011.png 2_1487965243210_robotics_workshop_010.png 1_1487965243209_robotics_workshop_009.png 0_1487965243209_robotics_workshop_007.png

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