What tools would you like to see in your MakerSpace?

  • We’re starting a list of tools that we would like to eventually aquire for the MakerSpace. I’ll start a list in this post and we will keep it updated as you post your ideas for tools you would like to have access too. As we go I’ll add categories if required, we can start with the following categories though. Try and think about all the tooling you might require for a given tool or task, nothing is too small to have on the list.

    • Wood working
      • Lathe
      • Thickness Planer
      • Jointer Planer
      • Table saw
      • Drill Press
      • Bandsaw
      • Mitre Saw
      • Routers, router table, and jigs
      • Marking and measuring tools (tapes, squares, mitre guages, etc)
      • Spindle sander
      • Disc or belt sander
      • Skill saw
      • Corded and cordless drills
      • Spade Drill
      • 3 1/2" planer
      • Oscillating Multi-tool
      • Angle Grinder
      • Palm and belt sanders
      • Jointing tool
      • Bench Grinder, sharpening equipment
      • A Selection of decent quality hand tools; chisels, saws, maybe planes, hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, bits, mallets, punches, sandpaper and blocks, squares, pencils, pliers, knives, etc.
    • Metal working
      • Lathe 9" X 24" would probably do 99% of the work we require
      • Milling machine
      • Belt Sander
      • Wire wheel
      • rotary table with indexing plates
      • pedestal grinder
      • granite surface plate
      • horizontal bandsaw
      • 5c Collet blocks, square and hex
      • Full set of 5c collets SAE
      • vernier calipers
      • 1-3" dial calipers
      • 1,2,3 guage blocks
      • inside and outside callipers
      • Small Mapp torch and a couple fire brick for heat treating small steel parts, toaster oven for annealing.
      • Slow speed drill press, an older model could be modified for cutting slower.
      • Telescoping bore guage set
      • clamp down kit for the mill
      • copy of the machinist handbook
      • Digital height gage
      • ange table for the milling machine
      • small sheet metal break
      • transfer punch set
      • wiggler set
      • edge finder
      • tap and die set
    • Welding equipment

      • MIG and or TIG welder
      • angle grinders
    • Hand tools

      • Socket sets
      • Pliers
      • Hot glue gun
      • Dead blow hammers
      • table vise
      • metal hacksaw
      • assortment of hand files
    • Electronics
      • Oscilloscope
      • Function Generator
      • Soldering station
    • Fabrication

      • 3D Printer
      • Laser cutter
      • CNC Router
      • Vacuum Former
      • Air Compressor
    • Other Tools

      • Video Camera
      • Lights
      • shop vacuum, multiple
      • brooms, garbage cans
    • Finishing equipment

      • powder coating system
      • buffing wheel
      • Coffee maker so you can stay awake and “finish” your project.
    • Health and Safety

      • Consumables (at what rate are these things consumed/expire?)
        • Bandaids, bandages
        • Eye wash
        • safety goggles/glasses
        • ear plugs
        • gloves, rubber, leather, nitrile
        • 1st aid kit (what level do we need by regulation?)

  • Linux

    Air compressor
    Basic hand tools would include socket sets, pliers from small to large, etc?
    LIGHTS … flash lights, big lights, small lights, bright lights… seems lighting is always a big one
    camera for video and photos (one that stays at the space?)

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • @hdsheena I added your suggestions plus a few of my own to the OP

    Thanks @Bishop for starting this thread! Please feel free to go back and edit the original post as you hear suggestions.

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    Is this just a wish list or practical things as well?
    Fire extinguishers?
    Coffee Maker?
    Assortment of pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, etc.?
    Brooms hand and floor?
    Garbage cans?

  • Its a wish list but I think stretching it a bit into would like to have’s down the road a bit is ok. A 5 axis CNC machining centre but not make the list. 😪

  • Yes I think this list can be used both for helping us look for things that we need, as well as something to show sponsors. As donations start to pour in we check things off this list. I like @Chainmaildave 's suggestions, perhaps we should also add a Safety and Cleaning Equipment section, or something like that, to the list.

    @Bradley-Maker the would working category may need some love. See if you can edit Shawn’s original post and expand that list. Thanks!

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    I think in the safety section, having something for consumables and estimated rate of consumption would be very useful.

    Learning and working on learning more!


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    Yes. I have a couple of things on a woodworking space.

    I still haven’t seen the space emptied of stuff, however based on its size I think I can guess about how much space we’ll havel. I think the best route to go in there is to have a small, fully equipped woodworking area. Essentially, the bigger the wood you use, the bigger the tools needed, and the more space required. I think it’s fair to say that we can expect most of the wood projects to be relatively small, boxes, ornaments, toys, furniture, etc. And we will have to get down and dirty with dimensions and map out the space, but I can expect that we won’t have a very huge space for the woodshop. It’ll be like a single car garage shop or so at best, realistically.

    I’ll edit the main list to reflect this for now. If anybody has any suggestions, or comments, or disagreements with this approximation, please let me know.

    I also think it would be a very good idea to build a room for the woodshop, or at least put it on the wishlist. Wood and metal don’t mix well. Woodwork produces ridiculous dust, and perfect collection is impossible, which is hard on tools and requires a lot of maintenance. Metal shavings can get into a piece of wood, and damage edged tools, as well as stain the wood.

    I think we could cordon off a third or so of the building, and have the woodshop, maybe a ventilated room, and a safety room accessible from both areas. If we get ourselves a Shopbot or other CNC router, it could go on the margin, just outside the woodshop.


  • I have a Delta Rockwell lathe that has been sitting in my basement for years. I stripped the headstock down last week and took out the bearings (they were pooched) I will get a new set of bearings installed and give it a coat of paint and she can move into the new MakerSpace building. It’s a pretty plain wood lathe with a 5 speed pulley but it’s in good shape casting wise. I’m sure someone will make use of it until we get something a little more modern. I have a set of gouges that came with the lathe plus a couple of centres and a faceplate.

  • Linux

    PPE for welding… Masks, gloves, overalls? I’m still figuring this out!

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • @Bradley-Maker The thought I had, was a former 3 bay mechanic shop. Bay 1: eva foam. Bay 2:Plastics. Bay 3: Woodworking. Each bay would have its own fully enclosed paint room.

    As I primarily work with wood to build my forms for my vacuum forming table, the main things I use are
    -3/4" plywood
    -Hand surformers.
    -wood glue
    -vice for doing shaping
    -Garbage can with clear plastic bag inside for putting shavings into.

    If anyone would like to see how I have been doing it, here is the link to my facebook album I made while doing it: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10154222650285430.1073741827.560060429&type=1&l=361afa9575

    MrMoonshine (@MrMoonshine1974)

  • Founder

    Very cool stuff M. Moonshine!

    Are you just using the shop vac for the vacuum? I’m surprised it gives you enough suction, although I know about zero about vacuum forming.

    @Nicholas brought up plans to build a vac former as a good simple jig to get us going once we move in. Chime in Nicholas!

    Good thoughts on the space, although the space we are just looking over a lease agreement for, is about 2000 sqft, and kind of an awkward shape, with some sunken floors, doors, windows, stairwell, etc to work around. So cutting it into 3 bays couldn’t be just a simple cut it in 3 situation, and feels like we would be eating up a lot of space. Likewise having 3 paint booths could take up almost the entire space. I think the best idea would be to have some of the spaces that could be used by almost any maker in any medium (supply room, fume booth, etc) to be singular and accessible from the main room.

    Thank you for the post though, it is really important that we get a sense for what media people are working with, and what tools they would need.

    I have a good line on lots of cube shaped offcuts at my job. They are timber cut-off’s mostly, and I’ve struggled the entire time i have been there on what some of those scraps could be used for. They are cut off of large timber mostly, 12x12, 10x16, 8x10, 16x20, etc, and a foot or so long, sometimes with an angled cut. For most of what I do, only a few of them are of a good dimension to be re-sawn into boards to make boxes or something. But they would be perfect for what you are doing. I should be able to snag quite a few for free (the boss gives us any scraps for free, but charges when we are giving them to others; but I could smuggle a couple every so often without issue). That being said I am going to approach the owner soon to see if he is willing to donate these kinds of things. It would save you paying for and glueing up plywood. I should be easier to work with solid wood? Although maybe the plywood adds some stability and removes any grain direction issues?

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    http://imgur.com/d5O5rng target has lockers…

    Learning and working on learning more!


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    @Nicholas do we have the budget for lockers?

    Although I’m not sure it would be wise to start collecting stuff before we have a place to store it all.

    But that is a steal of a deal…

  • @Bradley-Maker It is a good deal and we may have the budget for at least one. I believe we have other fiscal necessities. If there is real interest we can put it to a vote. I think we should wait to buy some at a later date. Who knows it may end up dropping further if it lasts longer into the liquidation.

  • Absolutely would love to see a laser cutter - I am a leather worker and would love to be able to use this for art projects in Kamloops!

  • Your desire is big but i like it because think big and get big.

  • I have an oscilloscope, power supply, and “multimeter” that I can donate:

    I have probes for the multimeter, and I should have some probes for the scope (I just need to find them).

    I also have an untested HP 54652B RS-232/Parallel Interface Module that goes on the back of the scope.

    I put what documentation I have here:

  • I have an oscilloscope, power supply, and “multimeter” that I can donate

    @dhylands those look great, thank you!

    We have a few probes at the space too, if I find them will put them in the electronics room.

  • Linux

    We should update this list!

    Also, free on kijiji, might be great for either wood or metal room storage?


    Learning and working on learning more!


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    I am going to bump this list as on Boxing day I am going with someone who knows a bit more about tools and the usual cost to buy some tools.
    Other than a set of sockets and ratchets
    A full set of screwdrivers (Phillips and Robertson)
    can I please hear some suggestions?

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