3D Modeling & Animation - Workshop Possibility

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    Since we have a working 3D workstation now for most parts I am open to start giving 1 on 1 workshops for anything 3D such as modeling/sculpting/animation/rigging/animation you name it. The software I’m most accustomed to is Maya, Modo, Zbrush and Photoshop.

    I was thinking for the first shot at the workshop I would teach the complete workflow for prop design since it would be the simplest to explain the process from modeling the low poly model, detailing the high poly model in zbrush and then baking it onto the low poly model. Since we are baking and projecting the high onto the low this requires us to do UV mapping and unwrapping the mesh into 2D so we may texture it in Photoshop. Finally once that is done we can either render a still shot within maya or import it in a game engine for a live render of the model.

    Let me know if anyone is interested, obviously free for members and will come up for a fee if we have non members interested. Anyways leave a message on this thread if you may want to participate. It will most likely be something for a whole afternoon - at least 4-6 hours to explain everything properly.


  • Im interested. This is Leslie not Shelaigh…my email is opal.autodetailing@gmail.com.

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    I am totally in for this, @derpko, when you have time. I have a small project in mind that I think you will dig, as well. Not sure what your schedule is like - let me know what might work and we’ll zero in on a time.

    ps and I fricken looooove that image you posted there - who did that??

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