LED matrix

  • these are fun to play with.

  • I used this method.

  • Today I just got in the mail some cd4026be. Seven segement display drivers. I ran the clock off of a 555 ic. I have been stuck on this for a long time due to not having the proper part.


  • You could check with us for this kind of thing. Scorpion has a LOT of TTL and CMOS chips.


  • As you can see that I am interested in such things.

  • This is cool. Shows how max7219 works.

  • This is cool fofor a DIY project

  • Thought this was interesting.

  • I got my hands on an older prolite. I opened it up to see how it works. It uses ulb2003. I now know why. I first seen uln2003 as a 5V stepper motor driver.

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