I have 50g of Fluorescein Sodium Salt

  • This is the stuff that makes hi-liters glow under a black light. We tried extracting it from hi-lighters to do cool black-light effects for haunted house/art in the dark props a year or so back… but it was a giant pain and did not extract nearly enough for my interests… So I ordered about 1000 hi-lighters worth off ebay. Now we just need to figure out something awesome to do with concentrated glow in the dark madness powder. @Ron_Ron you have any crazy ideas?

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    @pierre, I have had an idea for a luminescent fountain that I have wanted to build for a while now. Originally I wanted to use glow-stick chemistry, but putting the salt into solution and using addressable UV/visible LED lights combined with a number of pumps to produce lit up jets of fluid could produce quite an interesting range of effects.

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    Another thing that springs to mind is using it to make some video. A friend and I shot this and we were thinking about putting together some filmed chemistry demos for Luminocity. With some fluorescein a nice macro lens a UV lamp and a beaker, you could get some really cool footage.

    Something along the lines of 0_1488330448038_Florescein.jpg but a sexy flowing glowy diffusion video version.

  • I have a peristaltic pump that could go into a fountain pretty easily. I’ll bring the flourescein in next time I’m at the space and we can no doubt come up with some awesome effects.

    If nothing else, stuff to use at the haunted house… 0_1488332153497_re-animator_34.png

  • Oh nice. I wonna make things glow. I wonder what I could come up with. Hmmm. lolz

  • Did you sat UV led? lolz

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    @Ron_Ron, I did say UV LED. Picture a drop of liquid flying through the air and being illuminated by a series of strobing UV lights as it travels along its path…

  • very interesting.

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