For any Blacksmiths among the Kamloops Makers

  • David Stoddart School in Clinton has a Speedy Forge F512 that was taken out of the shop years ago when the renovation moved the natural gas lines. We are unfortunately unable to reconnect it. Any chance one of the Kamloops Makers or the group as a whole would like to purchase it? We also have a 100lb anvil with some attachments that we would like to sell. We are asking $500 for the forge and $300 for the Anvil, but both could be yours for the low cost of $750 total. (We would also include replacement fire brick and tongs). Email if interested (I would then have it approved by my principal).

  • @b2carmic Other Speedy forge model can run off of propane, so we believe this one can as well.

  • Can you get it delivered to Kamloops (no hurry)? If so, I’ll take it at $750.


  • Damascus Steel rings. Interesting items.

    Much cooler as a blacksmith project. Go Makers.


  • @BrianB I feel dumb. I’ve been replying to the email I received from this post instead of replying to post.

    You have a deal. Unfortunately I have been unable to find transportation (I don’t have a truck).

    Any chance you are in a position to come and pick it up (for a reduction in price)?


    Brian B

  • @BrianB Ran into a snag. Jason was great BTW. We loaded up the forge and somehow between last Monday night and today, our maintenance department moved the anvil. We returned the 2nd cheque to Jason and once I find out where the anvil went, I will get it to you personally (pretty sure my highlander will fit it and the log it is attached to). Sorry for the mixup.

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