Intro to Permaculture Workshop

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    Hey everybody!
    Our friend @Shelaigh is putting on a permaculture workshop with an old friend, Gord Heibert from Element Eco-design in Vernon.

    March 25-26

    This is the first in a series, so far 2 more are planned, one each month until summer. This is not an official PDC, although Gord offers PDC’s spread out over many weekends, and I’m told these count as credit towards a PDC.

    More details in the flyer attached.

    I will be there. Will you?

    0_1488513215248_perm_workshop PDF.pdf

  • Awesome!

    @Bradley-Maker @Shelaigh this workshop is happening in Kamloops (Not in Vernon) right? The poster says 743 Nicola Street
    Kamloops, BC.

    I will have a ton of farm chores that weekend, but I really hope I can make it!

  • Thanks guys! Call or email me for more info. These workshops are packed full of valuable info. Great networking opportunities! Past workshops with Gord have filled up fast and garnered terrific reviews! I can email anyone the itinerary and course descriptions- or get on our mailing list!

  • @arasbm Yes! Bringing permacuture culture to Kamloops! One workshop per month with more design build opportunities to come!

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