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    All of my spare time since Christmas has gone into a grade 10 robotics course we are working on for the independent school my kids are enrolled in.

    I’ve attached a video of the robot we are using in this course. In the video it is configured to stay on the table top. The idea is that when it hits an edge it will back up and try another direction … it almost works!

    We are building the course around the Multiplo Robot Builder’s Kit; an open source robotics kit that was crowd-funded a few years ago. It is based on an Arduino clone and the Multiplo building system … kind-of like meccano.

    tabletop robot

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    Ha, that’s funny. I was just thinking to myself, ‘seems like its working to me…’ and then it bails.

    Nice work, that is a great project for kids, especially that age. To gain extremely intimate control over your offspring! What school are your children enrolled in?

  • What an amazing thing to be doing with kids, I wish robots werent just in the movies when I was a kid. On the other hand though, in a post apocalyptic word I would be better prepared for trapping and eating squirrels and whatnot. Fair trade off, I guess 😳😁

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    @Bradley-Maker the kids are in an independent school called SelfDesign ( We have been home schooling (or independent schooling?) for about five years now.

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    Ah yes, I am familiar. For a while my class were all registered as self-design students. Way to go, its hard work, but if you believe in what you are doing, its all worth it. How old are your children?

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    @Bradley-Maker, the kids are 16,15 and 14 … they suddenly got a lot bigger and now they want to learn how to drive!

    Sticking with the robot theme we’ve extended the robot’s capabilities. It’s now wifi enabled and can be controlled using a web browser on the internet. If we work the kinks out of it we will put it up live and see if anybody can drive it! Not sure if this video is very clear, but here it is in action:

    wifi robot

  • @Chris wow this is awesome!

    I think you just found a really cool solution for our telepresence at the space :smile:
    Perhaps we can create a roof mounted robot like this that can move around the space and look around. It will be a very cool way to check in remotely to the makerspace and see what is going on.

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    @arasbm, you mean this with a controller?

    robot light

    I am game if you are!

  • @Chris LOL! maybe not as elaborate, That is pretty cool though!
    I was thinking just a telepresence robot (without its own brain) for members to pop into and control. It would be awesome if we could add a small screen and voice to the robot as well, so we can see who is watching …

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