Table Saw Donation from KMS

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    I just talked to KMS Tools, and it looks like they are arranging a new Stopsaw Contractor table saw for the Makerspace! This is the table saw that instantly stops if flesh is put in it.

    Hopefully have delivery next week, but we will need to make room for it.

    @Anton, could you let us know the plan for removing your old table saw? I can help you with my truck - we can do a dump run of the stuff you left behind the building while we are at it. I left you a phone message, in case you don’t check this.

    We can also make some decisions on a few of the other non-working tools in the woodshop and upgrade the whole wood shop at once!

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    This is AWESOME news!

    Maybe this is a good time to do a little spring cleaning in the woodshop?

    I think that this saw should be the centrepiece of the shop, and we need to clear out some room to make it happen. @Bradley-Maker, maybe this is a good time to look at the layout of the shop? I hate to say it as I have dreams of seeing it run but maybe the radial arm saw should go.

    @n0pe you are sparky right? I would help pull 220 wire for the sanding station setup. @Grant-Fraser said it is in the building I believe, but I want to be very conscious of the precious resource that is his time. Maybe we could pull some wire this maker monday?

    I think the sanding station is the low hanging fruit for nice and working tools in that gaggle of misfit tools along the east wall of the shop. I honestly think we may be better off without the rest.

    What do y’all think?

  • @kile Yep I don’t mind helping at all. I’m an industrial electrician so lap and plaster is not my strong suit but I’m sure if I can touch base with @Grant-Fraser he can give me a quick verbal run through and we can see what we can accomplish. And yes, the building will have the 240V for the saw.

  • Saw Stop! Hell yes! Great score!

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    @n0pe awesome! I meant that I think the wire needed is in the building, as well as the service. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    The drill press that is along that wall is also worth keeping, it works great. I’m not sure about anything else . . .

  • The small chop saw is also in good shape. Its better for smaller projects.

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    Hello All:
    Ive been working with KMS tools and we’ve tally’d up SawStop Contractor table saw with fence, mobile base, ceiling dust filter (not air extraction, but a dust capturing system nontheless) and all the bits that go with it and its coming out to about $2500 retail.

    KMS has asked if we could offset the cost by between $500 and $700 by making monthly payments of about $200.

    In addition, we would display their banner in the wood shop, update the website with their sponsor inf, have their catalouges in the building and display their flyers.

    Feedback please? The saw is ready to pickup, if we can swing this.

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    I think this is extremely good value at 3 monthly payments of $200, and would support it under those terms.

    I think the war chest should support the first payment, and while I’m not in a position to donate cash directly for this I will certainly help fundraise to make it up.

  • Scorpion will throw in $100.


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    THANK YOU, Brian!

    Ill throw in $100, too - with Scorpion’s donation, thats the first payment right there.

    Also while I have yoou @BrianB : could you email your Scorpion logo to us, preferably as vector?

    Upgrading the sponsors on the website, etc. Thanks again for your support.

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    So, is this expense approved then? I have not heard any negative feedback, but dont want to assume anything, either. Maybe @Grant-Fraser can comment, or @Bradley-Maker ?

    Looking for the go ahead…

  • @Vaughn strike while the iron is hot. Let’s do this.

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    OK, Ill cue it up - does the makerspace write a cheque for the $200 and @BrianB and I email $100 each to

    @Kile - wanna work together making space in the woodshop for it? @Bradley-Maker coming to Hack Night tomorrow?

  • @Vaughn we have a cheque from Brian.

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    StopSaw is installed in woodshop, including a deadly cabinet table enclosure courtesy of Timo @kile and another Maker (big guy whose name I missed!).

    Try it out - what an awesome saw.

    THANK YOU to KMS Tools (proper announcement on the way) for the donation!

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    The other guy was John (sp?)

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    Jared helped for a few hours, Bear stuck it out into the wee hours of the night.

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    StopSaw is broken - apparently @Anton was using it this morning and for whatever reason, the ‘stopsaw’ capability was activated and the saw is down.

    There is a meeting tomorrow morning at 9 am to get the saw working again - I just talked to @Anton and he will be there to help repair the tool.

    While here, I hope @Anton will help move the big pile of garbage he left behind the building into my truck to take to the dump. And pay for it.

  • They are easy to reset, but the blade is toast and will have to be replaced. I hope it is not a really expensive one.

    Do you know what he was cutting when it activated? Damp woods, metals, etc, can activate the blade even if there is not skin contact. Does everyone know how the saw stop works? If not, maybe a 101 would cut down on future accidental activations.

  • The saw is basically using a capacative detector (and people are basically large capacitors). Cutting any type of metal (like aluminum) will definitely trigger it. I’m not sure about other materials, but I wouldn’t be surprised if damp wood would also trigger it.

    I believe that there is a bypass mechanism which disables the safety feature so that you can cut things that would otherwise trigger it.

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