This guy knows about jigs and fixtures.

  • Was talking to @kile last monday… These are other guys that do very interesting things with jigs and fixtures for woodworking:

    They also build some crazy machines that do awesome things.

    If your tastes are a little more \m/etal (mine certainly are) you can’t go wrong with the CNC things that Luiz Ally does with Sherline machines.

  • Founder

    @pierre We’ll talk soon.

    If I can’t find my copies of the Wandell plans I purchased last year, I’ll be buying them again. I need to make a few simple fundamental things like sleds and featherboards for the tablesaw for the upcoming HCOS shop class in april/may, get a kit of hand tools hanging on the wall, and waste management protocols and infrastructure.

    But. When the basics are in, and that class is rolling, I’ll be bringing in a nice big router with bits, making a pantorouter, and a box-making jig for the tablesaw.

  • I really want to make some templates for featherboards, zero-clearance inserts, pushsticks, router-base plates etc for the laser cutter… We should publish a bunch of that stuff to thingiverse. Because anyone with a laser and XX model saw from YY company could stand to download the zero-clearance template and laser out a stack of inserts from their scrap bin. 1/4" ply should be plenty. 1/8 might work.

  • @pierre I just did a zero clearance insert for my general cabinet saw, cut from 1/4", with set screws.

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