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  • Have you guys seen the YouTube videos where they attach a GoPro to a weather balloon and send it up. Some of them go high enough to where you can see the curvature of the earth. Anyways, I’ve always thought it looked like a fun thing to do. A couple of us were talking about it on Friday, and I think we might try this out. Would KM be interested in participating? Scorpion would pay for all the matierials . I have spoken with the Big Little Science Center and they are in.


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    @BrianB, I’m interested for sure! There is a semi-local artist that did a project launching and recovering a balloon that was set up to take a single large format (4x5) analog film frame. He produced a really comprehensive how-to that I left around the space somewhere. It is full of great images and info.

    If you are interested in radio tracking the equipment, and going totally by the book then I believe callsign from a licensed radio operator is required. I know of a chemistry prof at TRU who would qualify, and has done this in the past. I could contact him and see if he is interested.

  • @kile @BrianB This sounds awesome. I also have a buddy that’s licensed. He would probably be right into it as well if your prof isn’t able to. Let me know. This sounds cool.

  • I have a tank of balloon helium in the metal room that I’d originally acquired to try as a shielding gas… It is too impure for that, so I was planning on using it to make lighter-than-air UFOs for art in the dark or something… I suspect there is plenty of gas in the tank to loft a gopro.

  • My brother did the experiment for TRU a few years ago. If you have some question about that experiment, he could offer a little advice. Also there is a professor at TRU who has been continuing the project and could show some interest.

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    Could do it for 100th Hack May 17 to 24th? @megan-fenkhuber

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    Would make a kickass time lapse video, I’m all for it.

  • This would be an awesome project! Do you plan to put any sort of GPS tracker on it to increase the chance of finding it when it lands back several hundred kilometers from launch location?

    A gimbal would be an interesting addition. For less than 100$ we could add a gimbal+arduino that runs through a predefined loop to capture all different views while keeping the camera stable.

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    @arasbm, this would be worth it for sure. You can find lots of time lapses of this stuff online and without the gimbal things get pretty shaky. The payload will rotate relative to the balloon and coil up the tether as well, and then unwind as it comes down. Its actually really interesting when you look at the path on a map, everything after the balloon pops is just an inverted version of the path before it pops (but the second part of the path is much shorter because it comes down a lot faster than it goes up). That book I left at the space has some great pictures of this. Either way, a gimbal will improve the footage by A LOT.

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