The 100th Hack LAN PARTY!

  • 3D

    As some of you may know @Vaughn brought up the fact that the Makerspace boast’s almost 100 weeks of hack night!
    and for that, I propose The 100th Hack LAN PARTY!! :D

    Games List:

    • Half-Life 2 - If we can get it working for multiplayer
    • CounterStrike Source/ CS:GO -
    • SWAT 4 - First Person Shooter
    • Split Second - Defensive Racing Game
    • Dirt 3 - Realistic Racing Game
    • Just Cause 2 - Multiplayer
    • Garry’s Mod
    • Dayz
    • Orion Prelude - First Person Dinosaur Shooter
    • Minecraft
    • Please Tell me if you would like to play other games!!

    All these games are not requirements! to get cheap games if needed.

    Minimum Requirements:

    • 4-6 GB Of ram.
    • x86 or x64 DualCore @ 2GHz or more.
    • Windows XP - Windows 10.
    • 80 GB of space Minimum 200GB is recommended.
    • A Graphics Card GeForce GT 420 / Radeon HD 6450 and higher.

    We can build a computer for you to game on while you are here! if you don’t have one.
    “While Supplies Last”

    PS: Great job on the keyholders and management that keep the space open! :thumbsup:

  • Design Lab

    Now we’re talking! Thank you, @ColeVanD for this deadly initiative (and membership, actually).

    Let’s put it on the menu - @megan-fenkhuber and I are rowing towards outlining the framework of this, and want to encourage local tech companies and Nerds of all Stripe to participate! The goal of having the Space open for 7 days, 24 hours is a spicy meatball - a no-holds-barred LAN Party fits the bill.

    Thanks for the outline, Cole - want to be on the organizing committee? We’ll make it manageable, yet memorable! ;)

  • 3D

    @Vaughn Sign me up. Should I post thst we are going to do a lan party on kijiji?

  • 3D

    @Vaughn Also, I will bring my fancy camera and document the entire thing :)

  • @ColeVanD Wicked. This sounds awesome. A couple more to add to the list:

    Rocket League - We played this for the most part last LAN Party Saturday.
    The Forest
    Trackmania - Any. I prefer Canyon personally.
    Factorio - Wicked game. I believe there’s a multiplayer mode or mod.
    Overcooked - Fun co-op game. I would have to check if there’s a multiplayer mode that’s not local.


    Jackbox Party Pack going on the big TV in the lounge. This would be awesome. I have all 3 so if we aren’t playing games I can throw it up there.

  • What an awesome idea @ColeVanD !

  • Design Lab

    Quick idea: we need to update the LED sign outside that broadcasts 100th Hack ads and inf!

  • 3D

    @Vaughn +1 To that idea!

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