Community Agency Fair at Brock Middle School Thursday March 16th

  • We have been asked if we are interested in attending this event:

    The Explorations and Leadership students of Brocklehurst Middle School would like to invite you to
    participate in our Community Agency Fair on March 16, 2017. The purpose of this fair is to bring
    community groups together under one roof where our students and their families can learn about
    the opportunities and supports offered in our community.
    The format of the Community Agency Fair will look much like a craft fair or science fair.
    Participating organizations will be assigned a table in our gymnasium where they can set up
    displays and meet with visitors. We are inviting almost sixty different organizations to our fair, so
    we are hoping for an exciting event.
    There will be two times for visitors to attend the fair. First, our students will visit during the school
    day from 12:30-2:45​. Later that evening, families and community members will be invited to visit
    from 6:30-8:00​.
    Agencies and organizations who choose to attend will be asked to answer visitors’ questions and
    share information about the services they offer. Presenters are not required to hand out prizes or
    other items. If presenters are not able to attend both the afternoon and evening times, we would
    be pleased to have you attend for one or the other.

    I can be available to man the table for the first session, but we have 2 workshops happening that evening and I am running one of them. If anyone is interested in running the evening session, let me know, otherwise I will just sign us up for the daytime one.

  • @megan.fenkhuber I can go in the evening. Help would be nice.

  • Design Lab

    One thing we kinda forgot last time was the info and member signups sheets. We are rowing towards a pamphlet, too. Take Palago tiles and Derpkos RetroPi, toooo! The manikian was a winner, too. And Kiles box is awesome.

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