Okanagan Makers Group

  • I see that some people in Kelowna are putting something together as well:

    They have a forum as well: https://talk.okanaganmakers.com/

  • @dhylands cool! Great to see other makerspaces forming in the area, hopefully we will find opportunities to collaborate with them. I add them to the list of makerspaces in BC.

    When we start the repair on the space and are looking for volunteers to help, we should give them a shout.

  • Hi! Just quickly registering and peeking in. Would love to find a way to hang out and collaborate. Definitely could find some support from here for the Kamloops Mini Maker Faire - we recently chatted about one for Kelowna and had only minimally started looking into it.

  • @jay Welcome!
    Thats great that you are interested, I am sure we can use your help with the mini maker fair. We will start organizing the mini makerfair on this forum soon, hopefully next week.

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