555 Ic workshop.

  • Due to popular demand the 555 IC workshop is back.
    April 18 6pm.
    The 555 integrated circuit has been around since early 70’s. This circuit has many applications in creating simple electronics for rapid prototyping. In many cases 555 timer can be used to replace a microcontroller or offload some of the resources. It is also a great learning tool for understanding electronic signals.

    In this workshop we briefly review the design of this circuit and we will use several demos to understand how the 555 integrated chip works. We will go over the three modes to use this chip which are monostable, bistable, and astable output. Every participant will receive a kit containing the 555 timer, LEDs, capacitors, resistors, potentiometer, jumpers, breadboard and any other components necessary to complete all the exercises during the workshop.

    Space is limited, buy your tickets soon:


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