Mud Room redo

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    After the great cleanup in the Mud Room led by Ashley, I am building a new shelf against the north wall today, made to carry the black totes with yellow lids ($10 from Home Depot) for eveyone’s stuff.

    The idea is to get all members stuff more organized, into totes on shelves, clean up the Mud Room which is our entrance and generally do a Spring reorganization in there.

    I also intend to put bike hooks along the south wall for members to hang their bikes safely.

    So, if you have a shelf in there could you pick up (or get me to pick up) some black with yellow lid totes and get at it? There will be a new shelf for you to put your totes on as of today!

    Thanks to the people who are helping to clean the place up and reorganize.

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    Photos of progress in the Mud Room!

    After Ashley’s epic cleanup last week, I made shelves for the black and yellow totes (Home Depot, $11 each, they lock too!) and put decals on them.

    @Grant-Fraser, @megan-fenkhuber, myself, Insight and Timo have migrated their stuff to black totes with a unique M3 decal on each one ( youo can tell what tote is yours by which bit is missing from the logo).

    @Ron_Ron, @kile, @ColeVanD have all been pumped to get into the system.

    Offering members two black totes with yellow lid totes worth of storage is a big selling feature for memberships.

    7_1489456366410_20170313_003340.jpg 6_1489456366409_20170313_003326.jpg 5_1489456366409_20170312_222112.jpg 4_1489456366409_20170312_222100.jpg 3_1489456366409_20170312_222048.jpg 2_1489456366408_20170312_193622.jpg 1_1489456366408_20170312_163706.jpg 0_1489456366407_20170306_220115(0).jpg

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    This Sunday afternoon, we are planning to finish the new shelves in the mudroom and get the bike hooks installed. To have the tours for schools and possible funders we have coming up, we need to get this entry way organized and presentable.

    I am hopeful that members who still have stuff on the old shelves can grab a few totes and or move their stuff so the awesome, organized, sharp looking tote and shelf system (which is also a great membership benefit) can be finished and I can take it off my list and stop pestering. Cant wait!

    Some members have already got their tote(s) and shelves - THANK YOU for helping make this work.

    @arasbm @pierre @megan-fenkhuber @ashley @Chainmail @Shelaigh @kile @vaughn @Ron_Ron

    Not sure who else I missed there - please let anyone know! And also tell people to claim their two totes and shelf space?

    Thank you.

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    Only two free black with yellow lid totes ($10 @ Home Depot) left to be claimed in the Mudroom! Super prodigious and eternal thank yous to all the Members who have grabbed the provided totes, chucked their good stuff in them and moved to the new shelves, especially @Chainmaildave, @Ashley, @Grant-Fraser, @kile, @megan-fenkhuber, and others (cant remember their handles!)

    200 litres of lockable storage is a sweet membership benefit! Cant wait to tell new potential members.

    We’re on for Sunday to finish the new shelves - hopefully the last Members to clean up their shelves can make in in before Sunday morning so we can finish this straightforward cleanup.

    Thanks everyone - its important to clean up the MakerSpace entrance and offer Members proper storage - its peoples first impression of our Space and its looking UP.

    1_1489817396490_20170317_214139.JPG 0_1489817396490_20170317_213939.JPG

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    more pix of the Mud Room redo in progress…

    1_1489993490347_20170319_110746.jpg 0_1489993490347_20170319_162410.jpg

  • Can we make the next set of shelves work around 50 liter totes instead of 100 liter totes? This would make lifting them easier

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    The mud room looks so much better now. As a new member, the mud room was kinda scary. I’m glad it has been organized as I’ll be bringing in at least 8 new people for my pottery classes and I want to make a good impression!

  • Perhaps the next storage improvement plans could be driven by the building committee.

  • It looks great @Vaughn, thank you for all the hard work you’ve put in!

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    @HeatherRose thanks! Awesome members such as yourself make it easier and funner!

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