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    I don’t know the source

  • Classroom

    The first one is hilarious, you don’t expect it to start moving sideways or dropping the switch. It looks like lego robotics maybe? Does anyone have much experience with that platform specifically? I know that the school district has invested a lot of money into it.

  • I have a ton of experience with the MIT handyboard platform. The original lego mindstorms stuff was an almost direct successor to handyboard. Sadly handyboard has been entirely superseded by arduino. I think I have 6 of them though. I wish there was a good arduino shield that added all the features of the handyboard… Two fairly beefy H-bridges, an IR interface, a couple of momentary buttons, a small rotary dial, and a 16x2 character LCD display.

    I routinely wrote stuff on the handyboard where it produced a menu that showed up on the LCD, you turned the dial to select an option, and pressed a button to activate it. Also, I used it with a VCR remote a lot.

  • sounds very cool!

  • Not that cool… the peripherals were very nice… and it had a built in pretty beefy NiCad battery pack. But it cost about $300, and ran on an HC11. The arduino is a lot of bang / $ by comparison, and the Raspi even more so. Actually, what the world needs is a really good battery pack/motor driver for the Raspi. That stacks well with the LCD touch screen I already have for it. If it costs about 30 bucks, then I can have the Raspi3 with LCD touch screen, and two powerful reversible motors for about $150.

    I used to run cordless screwdriver motor/gearboxes from the handyboard … dual h-bridges make for a really nice sumo-bot type setup.

  • Cool!

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