Looking for Projects and Guest Speakers for School

  • Good Afternoon Makers,

    The funding grant (previously mentioned in past posts and in person) went through and my school now has the money ready to start planning out specific events, dates and times. :)

    So…I’m looking for people who could be available for a day or two between 9am and 3pm on a weekday to drive up to the school and demo/talk/create/ect with the students.

    Travel, time, supplies and lesson planning time will be compensated.

    The project/talk/visit must happen at our school for this grant to work.

    We only have 40 students from Kindergarten to 12, but for most projects, the age range target is grades 5 to 10 (15 students in the upper-grades) . Community members will probably come out to watch, but you do not need to include them in regards to supplies.

    We are looking at ways to include the younger students into the demos - we are open to all ideas.

    We also want to have the guests who come up speak a bit about their job or their education - even their hobbies. Our goal is to showcase a variety of jobs to our students for them to consider. They are also very curious as to training programs needed for various jobs, so a bit of information about the path you took would be great. Our students will ask a ton of questions, so just be prepared lol.

    If you have a project and some time to visit our school, please email me at cait.wolter@gmail.com before Monday, March 20th.

    At this point, you do not need an EXACT date and budget - just a rough estimate and what month/week would work out best for you. Like…“First week in April and about $800 bucks” - That would work just fine. :)

    Thank you again for your time!
    -Caitlin Wolter

  • Design Lab

    I emailed you an outline - thank you!

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