Anet A8

  • My Anet A8 kit has arrived, I’ll post my build progress on this thread as I go (it might be slow, I’m pretty busy) but I’m happy to bring it by the space if anyone wants to take a look.
    It didn’t come with a parts list, which is annoying. Hopefully it’s all there.0_1490201230826_IMG_0893.JPG

  • I would like to do a side by side build of your printer and the Prussa. I haven’t seen a direct comparison of the Prussa and one of its clones.

  • That could be interesting- the club printer should be here soon. Maybe we can set that up.

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    the prusa should be in within 10 days or so

  • The printer is printing- calibration cubes demonstrate it needs a bit of adjustment, but I still need to figure out how to do that with the weird software that came on it (if it’s even possible) so still more tinkering to do. But all in all, I’d say we’re getting pretty good results for a 280$ printer.

  • If it turns out to be impossible, or even annoying, you might look into this:

    Just, whatever you do, don’t mention Skynet on the official Anet forums, because apparently talking about flashing it with an alternative firmware is an insta-ban offense. Personally, I get super pissed when companies take an open source project and try to close it…

  • @pierre That’s super, thanks! I will check that out.

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