• So I have all the parts to do this project. I guess I could make it. lolz. What I have been doing is ordering the small usb power banks without the 1860. Crack open a laptop battery for the 18650. I have no intention to make this project yet but maybe down the road seeing its so easy.

  • This would be a perfect moment for @trunner to chime in and point us to any docs on his awesome 18650 testing rig… Last time I saw him, he had it set up to take batteries, run them through some charge/discharge cycles, and it’d spit out mAH numbers on the LCD that reflected the under-load capacity of the batteries. Then he’d sharpie those numbers onto them so he could bin similar ones together to build packs.

    This mostly matters because putting one “mostly dead” battery into a pack with a bunch of good ones will vastly decrease the performance of the pack, and speed the good ones on the path to mostly dead.

  • Cool!

  • My best recollection is that it looked like an array of several of these:


    bolted to an aluminum plate/heat-sink.

  • Thinking about it some more, we should build a little rig to test lithium, lead-acid and nicad batteries, and just leave it set up in the electronics lab. Because it would be significantly more awesome to have a pile of tested rechargables to draw from when you are mid-project getting ready for an event.

  • Yes! We need more cool tings.

  • I now have some 18650 battery holders. I thought it might be a good start.

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